Is it Risky to take a “LEAP OF FAITH”?

Most of us are afraid of venturing into the unknown, of being uncertain, of being unfamiliar, of not knowing what will happen. We are afraid that something will go wrong, that things will be uncomfortable, and that things will not go as planned.

Taking a leap of faith and diving into the unknown, on the other hand, can be extremely rewarding. It means that you have completely surrendered to the current situation, putting your best foot forward and leaving the outcome to the almighty. It is known as “Karm” in India.

Karm is the action we take in our daily lives to achieve our goals. Clearly, we make and act on decisions that are designed to benefit us the most. To some extent, it is reasonable to consider our own well-being, but making decisions with others’ well-being in mind is a step up the humanity scale.

In this heartwarming story (in Hindi), a desert wanderer takes a leap of faith and turns his life around. Keep an eye out until the end to see how he benefits.


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