Heal yourself through Visualization!


Visualization is a powerful technique to heal yourself. You can even heal your organs with this. Every organ of our body holds emotions. Ex.: Anger. If you have anger issues, heal your liver.

Waitaminit. Is it that simple?

Yes and No.

If you’ve had love/trust issues, or someone dear to you has gone away very far, never to return. Or, you’ve been blamed or framed for something. Or if you’ve been a victim of some past events, etc. etc.

Will only healing the liver help?

No. It won’t. There will be more to cleanse and heal. Perhaps not just the organ/body but even the mind.

So, how to know the issue and give the healing?

First and foremost, recognize and accept that you have a problem if you are experiencing any emotion or behavior that is not serving you well. Seek professional help if you need it.

Emotional problems can be very tricky, as mostly, a person who is having it will seldom realize or even want to accept, they are emotionally compromised. Moreover, emotional issues lead to physical ailments. Things become a bit difficult here. Once you win over this, the next step is simple: start the healing process. Here is quick glimpse into 5 main negative emotions and its corresponding organs:

Liver = Anger, Resentment, Jealousy,

Heart = All negative emotions including happiness

Lungs = Sorrow

Spleen = Worry, Anxiety

Kidney = Fear, Anxiety

If the problem or the organ holding the emotion was healed, the organ will switch to its positive mode and bodily functions may begin to function better. However, there are other places where negative emotions can be trapped, such as the knees, stomach, gallbladder, urinary bladder, body fluids, muscles, bones, pineal gland, and so on.

The majority of it can be deduced from your symptoms. For instance, knee pain. Aside from being an aging or weight issue, having this at a younger age can indicate an inability to do something you want to do. It is also related to stress or poor fluid circulation in the body.

Begin healing your kidneys to alleviate knee pain. The kidneys are the organs responsible for processing the body’s fluid content. It is also the organ associated with fear and insecurity. Healing it may lead you to effectively address your fear.

A lady once came to me for help with her irritability and frustration. She admitted to me that she gets frustrated with her child and frequently yells at her. She appeared stressed and despondent.

I began by inquiring about her relationship with her husband, from whom she stated that she had been separated for three years. That they had not yet legally divorced but were living apart. I asked her a few related questions, such as whether she was happy after the separation and whether the past of the marriage haunted her.

She expressed her rage because her husband showed no remorse after their separation. They had a difficult relationship because of his inability to financially support the family. On top of that, his temper and ideas about a husband-wife relationship did not mesh with hers. She admitted one thing: he is a good father and supports their daughter.

After counseling her and realizing she might be carrying emotional baggage, I advised her to heal her liver. When it comes to negativity, the liver is a safe haven for feelings of rejection, resentment, and anger. She was intrigued by this advice, however, agreed after some consideration. I assured her that if she follows the process with heart, she will heal.

I told her that she didn’t have to come to me for healing sessions all the time. She could do it on her own once she understands the procedure. However, I stated that it would be preferable to review the process with me on a periodic basis. I explained that the healing process would be similar to meditation and that she would have to visualize her liver by giving it a form, if possible, talking to it, and sending it love and healing from the universe.

She paused and hesitated at first when she heard the word “meditation,” but eventually agreed. She claimed she couldn’t concentrate and that meditation was out of reach for her. I persuaded her that it would be easy for her to concentrate because she had something to focus on: the liver. 

I also introduced her to the term “crown chakra,” which refers to the highest point on our heads and is an invisible vortex that can exchange energies in and out of our bodies. She stated that she had heard the term somewhere but didn’t know much about it. I told her ahead of time so she would be prepared for what was to come on the day of healing.

The next session was set. The day arrived, and she came to see me. I asked her some qualifying questions before we began, as all therapists must. Was she ready to let go of emotions that were no longer serving her? And does she believe me enough to let me perform this therapy on her? She agreed, and our conversation began.

I inquired as to whether she was familiar with the location and shape of the liver. She said yes. I told her to close her eyes, breathe deeply, and relax. She followed instructions like a child.

I told her to visualize a bright light above her head coming down towards her and entering her through her crown chakra. I made my speech more exciting by saying, “Now imagine this bright light flooding you with divine energy and spreading throughout your body. See and feel the light fall on your liver now. Your liver is becoming illuminated and joyful as it is now able to absorb this divine energy. Slowly the darkness on the liver is fading. All of the negative emotions are escaping your body through the soles of your feet. Consider it dirty dark smoke or filthy stinking water. Whatever you prefer, watch it leave your body while reducing the strain on your liver.”

I continued. “You can see and feel your liver bathing in this energy, recovering from the emotional burden.” Your liver appears to be light and fluffy.” I let her be with this sensation for a while before telling her to open her eyes. The session lasted approximately 40 minutes.

When she opened her eyes, she appeared inebriated for a few seconds before coming around. I allowed her to gain complete control of her senses and asked how she felt. She described it as “good”. Still thinking. Then, as if recalling the feelings, she stated that she felt vibrations in her head and light around her. She stated that she is tired, sleepy, and very relaxed. I told her she could lie down if she wanted. She preferred to go home and rest.

Just like how doctors prescribe medicines, my prescriptions were different. I told her to meditate alternate days or whenever she feels strong emotions, particularly those of her husbands, rising to the surface. I also advised her to heal her heart in the same way. Furthermore, I advised her to take it easy and do the process only if she is happy with it and has enough time. At least 30 minutes uninterrupted.

She did not return to me after that, but called me two months later to say she was much calmer now. Even yelling at her child had become rare. Even if she had to, she didn’t lose her cool or turn up her volume. I was curious, so I asked her how she did it. She stated that she meditated occasionally and healed her liver and heart, just as I had advised her in the first session.

I thanked her for believing in me and healing not only herself, but also her child, who could have grown up to be depressed or having some behavioral issues. 

I’d like to share another case of healing through visualization that served as a stepping stone in my career as a visualizer/therapist. It appeared to be a malfunction in the body rather than emotional baggage.

A lady who was not only a friend but also a client of mine once came in with excessive menstrual flow that month. Because she was a friend, communication was quick and easy. She stated that she had been bleeding profusely for more than ten days. She stated that she did not want to go to the gynaecologist because this was the first time she had experienced this problem. She would prefer if it could be done without the use of medications.

I was glad that she came to me! After asking her some diagnostic questions, I instructed her to visualize her uterus. Fortunately for me, she was good at visualizing. I was guiding her through the visualization process, telling her to close her eyes, take a deep breath, and focus on the uterus. I reminded her to go through this process with emotions. Like, instead of just talking or looking at the organ as we see it in a picture. Feel it. It resides within you. It serves a purpose, and remember that you are living because it is living. I told my friend to connect with it and shape it into whatever form came to her instantly. Without tampering with it or bending it to her liking. She followed suit. 

She described her uterus as her own self. It was sick and lying down. I told her to speak to it and express her concern. I suggested hugging it (or simply speaking. Whatever seemed plausible to her) and apologize for seeing it that way. Inquire if it requires any attention (If you’ve established a strong connection with your organ, you’ll see it communicating with you, you’ll receive answers from it). 

My friend/client felt it was telling her she wasn’t feeling well. I told her to send positive energy to it and to say it to her organ as well. I also told her she could stay with it for as long as she or her organ wanted. She looked at it (in her visual) for a while and then opened her eyes.

Her eyes gleamed as she opened them, and she was both intrigued and pleased with what had occurred. She inquired if it would be beneficial. I told her it would if there was a problem with it. I convinced her that seeing her uterus in such bad shape was a sign that it needed help.

The next day, she called, and her tone was upbeat as she stated that her flow had decreased to some extent. I almost jumped out of my chair as well. I asked her to keep me updated on the situation.

Every day for the next five days, I would eagerly await her call. Every day, she would say that the flow had not decreased from what she had experienced shortly after the first visualization.

This was demotivating for me as well. I kept thinking about and revisiting all of the lessons I’d learned in this area. I wasn’t convinced that this could fail or that the best that could happen was this. Just a reduced flow? As I was thinking and bringing all of my knowledge of our body’s anatomy and its functions to the surface of my mind, it flashed to me that how about the pituitary gland?! That’s the master organ, and it might have the answer.

I immediately called my friend and invited her to come see me when she had free time. She arrived on the same day. I was too ecstatic to tell her about my new discovery. She first inquired, what’s a pituitary gland? I told her that it is the master gland for all of our hormones and that menstrual irregularities are related to hormonal imbalance. I used Google to show her the shape and location of the gland. Because your focus sends energy to the organ, you must understand its shape and location, I told her.

She was excited to visualize again because she trusted me and also she wanted a way out of this. So I walked her through the fundamentals of relaxation and breathing. I then instructed her to visualize her pituitary gland. She described the gland’s appearance as “a happy go lucky, tiny little man, similar to Shikari Shambhu of Tinkle comics.”

It was amusing for both of us, but I tried not to lose focus and kept her concentration. I told her to talk to him and tell him that he is happy over here and the uterus is miserable down there. According to my friend, her p-gland looked down at the uterus and seemed disappointed with its current state. My friend requested that the p-gland regulate himself and be aware of his responsibilities. The p-gland appeared apologetic and stated that he would do his best.

My friend’s tone was euphoric the next day when she said her periods had reduced to around 80%. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I was at a loss for words. It felt like I’d won a trophy. It wasn’t just a triumphant feeling, but I knew I’d begun a rather unusual healing journey. Her flow stopped in the next 2-3 days.

This incident occurred near the end of 2018. I’ll admit that I haven’t healed hundreds of people since then, but I have certainly healed some with positive results.

Being in this zone has allowed me to understand many aspects of healing and certain complementary methods that enhance my therapy. One thing is certain: focusing on an unaffected area will have little effect on healing.

Remember, energy flows where the focus goes!

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