“I am a bit Buddha”-Why the name?


I am a bit Buddha; the name for the site is inspired by the Buddha’s philosophies, for a happier life.


Eversince my brush up with energy healing, (in 2017), law of attraction, subconscious mind or NLP (in 2018), I have understood one thing deeply that ‘We Are A Product Of Our Mind’. On many occasions I had experienced, the forces of law of attraction working around me, but was oblivious of the science behind it. Our mind is such that it can create world wars or it can create, Mozarts symphony or a Taj Mahal or a Mona Lisa.


I am a bit Buddha is a canvas for potraying the little knowedge we have of the  incredible nature of the universe and how it impacts us at the cellular level and that we; all living beings, can best blend this force into us for our optimum living.

I decided to name my site as I am a bit Buddha, for the very reason that Buddha’s principle of the ‘Nobel Eight Fold Path’ is based on the moderation between the extremes of life. In todays time we can live a happy life if we keep all our living needs in moderation and harmony with nature and people around us.


I don’t mean not to have aspirations or goal settings or live a monk life. My tone is to be just mindful that all that you do to achieve whatever you desire, to be aligned to the purpose of well being of not just you but your surroundings as well.


In 2019, we cannot be a Buddha but can certainly apply its philosophy in our daily rituals as vitamins to reinforce mindfulness within and around us.


The icon of, I am a bit Buddha has “Endless Knot” or the “Eternity Knot” as a symbol. I kinda like the word “Eternity” than “Endless”. Now, why out of all the “Eight Auspicious Symbols” in Buddhism, did I choose this?


All Eight Auspicious Symbols in Buddhism, has a distinctive spiritual connection. To resonate with my purpose and the goal of my site, I chose the “Eternity Knot” as my mascot.


The Eternity Knot is predominantly found in Tibetan Buddhist culture and also Chinese-inspired art and Celtic culture. I wouldn’t go into detail about the history of it, as it is rampant online. I would express only my feelings for this beautiful thought provoking symbol, which is now in my logo.


At the heart of my purpose, the ‘Eternity Knot’ inspires me to ponder the infinity in the inter-connections of all life in the universe. As a minute component of this unending universe we cannot exist all by ourselves. All beings need someone or something to survive. Our planet needs the sun and vice versa, the day needs night and vice versa, the winter needs summer and vice versa, man needs woman and vice versa and so on. Thus this duality configures the interdependency of the creations even when it is ever changing.


To our senses, everything/everyone around us may not appear beautiful or picture perfect but we learn living, accepting the lesser joy that it gives. This state of mind depends on how much we are harmoniously intertwining with our surroundings to make the best version of ourselves.