Is This Called Lucid Dreaming?

I started my Reiki journey in October, 2017 .

There is a brief history behind this milestone.

I started exploring the energy path after I got introduced to it through a customer. Back in 2017, I had a retail party store where this customer (a lady in her early 30’s) had come a couple of times. As I was the salesperson too, in my store, I tried to develop a rapport with my customers. So one day she (customer) spoke about the treatment she was taking called Marma Therapy.

Intrigued, I enquired more and she said, it had to do with the energy points in the body to heal pains and particularly she was doing to reduce her weight. I don’t know if  Marma Therapy helped her to reduce her weight but my journey into this unique and divine world of healing had begun.

I had a reason to get interested in the energy healing because my daughter had developed a condition, where she was unable to straighten her hands. She had too much body stiffness and sometimes would fall if she tried to walk faster. This condition was due to the chemotherapy and steroids which was given to her for blood cancer she suffered in 2015. (You can read about it here-The Turning Point in my Life)

My daughter’s doctor kept prescribing more steroids to settle this condition, which they termed as mild osteoporosis. Unaware of the medical gung-ho and much to my dislike, I conceded for the steroids for some months. Alternatively, I was also told to take physiotherapy, and I did that too , it wasn’t fetching desired results. I stopped it after couple of months. So during this time Energy Healing came to me as a boon.

Before taking formal Reiki class, I googled a lot on marma and reiki and had realized that I started experiencing energy in my body. I would have very strong sensations in my hands.

I learnt Reiki and started sending distance healing to my family and friends. In Reiki healing practice, there is a ritual to follow, ie to remember our angels and seek help and power to heal self and others. I used to have a Reiki box in which I would put the names of the people I intended to heal. Then after the ritualistic prayer, I would meditate to channel energy to my healies.

I would like to share a bit of this prayer ritual that I did which gave me a tremendous calming effect. I would visualize All these divine beings surrounding the healies in my box. I remember it was very empowering for me.

Regretfully, I didn’t continue this practice for very long as I got involved in my store which had to be shut down and the following months were quite stressful for me. Suffering from financial losses I found difficult to concentrate. Couple of months passed in dissipating my stock and I gave up on healing altogether. This diluted that energy effect in my hands too.

My Lucid Dream!

Going back during the time, when I used to heal and perform my prayer ritual, I would strongly visualize the prophets. Since I was so much into this energy field, one night I had a dream. In the dream, I am sitting in a office and the office boy comes to my cabin and says I had visitors, Jesus Christ and other couple of them (Prophets) whose names he said, but I couldn’t remember even in my dream. To my astonishment, I tell the office boy to ask them to wait in the reception. Then I got up from my chair and see Christ, in a tall thin demeanor, wearing a red checked robe with a hood, sitting in the reception and he is not looking at me.

I now rush to him and sit beside his feet to take his blessings. While doing this I am in a shock, perhaps confused, that how could I ask them to wait for me? And I am thinking, who were other prophets who had come? Did they leave? Were they offended? Why didn’t Jesus leave? Had Prophet Muhammed come too?

No, No…How could I have done this? I wake up feeling depressed and guilty, and someone who is abandoned by the heavens. The words are not enough to describe how I was feeling. Through the day, I continue playing the dream again and again only to remember what names the office boy had said. Thoughts like why didn’t Christ look at me? He would have been really offended that’s why he didn’t look at me. Why didn’t Prophet Muhammed come? I always remember him more than Christ? In my prayers and even in my ritual I remember “Panjatan” (Prophets Famly). Then how come none of them came. Are they not happy with my prayers?

I sailed through the morning, wiping tears rolling down my cheeks feeling devastated, finishing my usual morning chores. Not knowing what to do, thoughts to visit the church were also making rounds in my mind. After reaching my store, I called my cousin, who is my childhood buddy and quite knowledgeable when it comes to talking spirituality. I have gained a lot of understandings of the universe and law of energy from her. I called her and narrated the entire dream and started crying on the phone saying, I didn’t run to Jesus to greet him nor invited him inside the cabin. Rather I asked him to wait. How could I do this?

She heard with empathy and said, this tells us that they are always there for us when we remember them. I then asked her why didn’t Prophet Muhammed come? In my Reiki ritual, I call his name before all Prophets. She didn’t have answer to this but she said its alright and that don’t start doubting your devotion to any of them. Just continue doing what you are doing. I asked her, should I go to the church and seek forgiveness. She said Jesus may not want you to do that but it is upto you. If it gives you calm and peace of mind then go ahead.

Next day, after my evening prayers I went to a church in my area and lit a candle there and sat there looking at the Christ’s figure crying profusely seeking forgiveness in my heart. The guilt was certainly reduced after my visit, but somewhere deep down I still think who were the other prophets who had visited in my dream that day. Will I ever know this? No.

This is not just the first and last episode of divine intervention in my life. I will write another experience when I am ready to share. 🙂

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