The Power of Law of Attraction in My Life!

The Turning point of my life!


It was towards the end of February 2015, my life turned upside down.


I fell down from my bike while talking on the phone. One might say, I deserved it. I did:) My one hand was holding the phone and with the other I had to apply brakes, avoiding a collide with the bus, when the bike slipped and I fell injuring my feet and some bruises on my hand and knees. Although there was no fracture, this accident made me almost bedridden for a week. As this was not enough, my daughter fell sick with fever and both of us were lying sick on the same bed. I had never felt so helpless in my life as I couldn’t put my foot down on the floor, leave alone doing other tasks. My husband used to take her to the general physician who would give her routine antibiotics which would pull down her fever for sometime and then again it would come back. This went on for around 10 days and then as I became mobile, I could take care of her sickness. Until then, since I was sick, it had not occured to us nor the doctor had advised a blood test of my daughter. My daughter Ajab was only 6 years old then.


So, after about 2 weeks since Ajab was not responding to the medicines, the physician asked us to go for a blood test. I had gone with my neighbour to Apollo hospital, on Bannerghatta road, Bangalore, as she had worked there earlier and knew some doctors there.


It was 3rd march, 2015, Ajabs blood report revealed, Leukemia (AML).

What could have been my state? I will leave this to the readers to imagine.


The chemotherapy was started next day onwards. For around 21 days we were in hospital. The doctor said she was on severe side of leukemia which was called AML, and that whether to go for bone marrow transplant (BMT), they will only come to know after 21 days. After 21 days, she didnt show desired improvement. We had no choice but to go for Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT).


Since Apollo was not doing BMT the doctor asked us to go to some other hospital which handled it. Fear bundled with anxiety, seeped in. At times I felt like a zombie, just going with the flow, feelings numb. We had few hospitals to reckon here in Bangalore, the TATA in Mumbai and lastly Apollo Chennai. Our Bangalore doctor said, that if we do in Chennai Apollo then it would be advantageous as it could be easy to transfer the case and that he knew Chennai doctor well. My family suggested TATA as it was reasonable and renowned for such cases. However, we had no idea about anything. We didnt know what could be good for us. We went to a couple of BMT specialised hospitals here in Bangalore. Then we went to Mumbai only to find out that TATA dont take presettled cases. So finally the only workable option we found was Chennai.


I have omitted a lot of trauma that I went through with regards to the hospitals, lack of proper information and advice and overall, travelling here and there with my sick daughter. The stay in Chennai for 5 months passed very stressfully. Contrary to say, I came across good nurses, good blood donors, good family friends, my neighbours, and an incredible hope and spirit. Even the donor for BMT was found instantly. Amongst all this, I had absolutely no worries about finance. Now how that was possible? I was not rich nor my husband. My bank balance was almost at saturation and I had an impending cost of about 30 to 50 lacs awaiting for my daughters treatment. Me and my husband had no income and had a hefty home loan to be paid off. Yet money was not on my mind. It was this financial security that gave me strength throughout. What could have happened? Lets read…


My little cousins, who had grown playing in my hands, were all geared to raise funds for Ajab. One cousin created the FB page through which we got incredible support. My husband is from Africa, so the page was seen by his friend there and then his friends and family came to know and money was raised for Ajab from there. Our plight was revealed through the FB page. We had not opened our mouth to ask money but people who knew us knew what financial state we would be in. This time I realized, that I have wonderful relatives, and some really noble people in the world whose hearts were humane. Ajabs entire treatment was done with this amount. My cousins were so supportive that they were responding to peoples questions on the page and also personally raising funds. The same was in Africa without my husband being there. His known contacts there raised funds. You would laugh that until that time I didnt have a smart phone. Whattsapp was greek and latin to me:). Then, I purchased a smartphone, as quick communication and my presence occasionally on FB was required, to keep posting the updates. We received help from UK, Singapore, Dubai, and Africa.

I couldnt thank God enough for all this.  To add to the bliss of my daughter miraculous recovery, the same year my aunts (mothers sisters) voluntarily cleared my home loan. Payback? Absolutely zero:)


Just a year before, I was crunching to pay my loan and in the same year my loan is cleared, my daughter recovers and the faith in my relatives, people and universe is born. I can see this only as a miracle.


When this entire nightmare had begun, I had thought to sell my house and jewellery in order to pay off hospital bills. A fraction of the amount, about 2 lacs was handled by the insurance. But we are talking about approx 40 lacs. So initially these thoughts were making rounds in my head but then after my relatives pitched in, these thoughts never came back. However, I had to sell all my jewellery. Thereafter, my mind was decluttered and all I thought about was “All is Fine”.  It was Ramadan during BMT, and I had not taken any mannat for my daughters recovery. I just carried on with my routine prayers diligently. On many occasions had cried severely during early morning prayers. Maintaining hygiene in hospital, especially for prayers was a big challenge but I did it and never had I been with my daughter without having compromised on my cleanliness. Someone up there was always with me.

After a year, in 2017, I learnt Reiki to heal my daughters muscle stiffness and then this paved way for NLP. I realised NLP was my destination as its principles resonated with the victory of my dire needs. I have grown to understand the infinite universe manifests our thoughts into our real world, through our Sub-conscious!

I matured, became wiser, and the best part is started looking at the world from a different perspective. NLP is helping me become wiser day by day. Luckily, I never had to say that nobody came to our rescue. The universe always has my back 🙂

If you would like to delve further in my story then here is the link to Ajabs FB page:

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