SOFT SKILLS – It’s what makes you “Human”.


What are Soft Skills?


Soft Skills, in general, are a combination of people skills, communication skills, character traits, attitudes, emotional intelligence that enable people to steer through their environment harmoniously, be congruent in everyday life competencies to achieve quality results. It is said that the hard skills on your CV will get you the interview, the soft skills will get you the job at interview.

The most sought after and hardest to find skills in the market today are Soft Skills.


Soft skills are a bunch of productive personality traits that distinguish one’s relationships in their surroundings. National Business Education Association deems soft skills as vital for being industrious in today’s workplace. A study conducted by Harvard University stated that 80% of achievements in career are determined by soft skills and only 20% by hard skills. Looking at recent scenario in education, soft skills training should become a part of the academic curriculum for an intrinsic development of an individual at an early age.

Soft Skills for business

Soft Skills or interpersonal skill is the key training for successful collaboration at the workplace. HR managers interview candidates for a specific role in the organisation, but emotional intelligence correlating with other skills should always be considered.

A kick-start from a Soft Skills workshop can certainly make a difference, but to make it practice of an organization can take a awhile. To achieve remarkable results, change can be brought about by bringing a change in the mindset. Just by the trainer talking with complicated terminologies would definitively not score high in peak performance amongst the employees. When eminent Soft Skills become habits as much as professional skills then the going gets smooth. Regular workshops filled with activities which are effervescent, interesting and moreover interacting will have greater interest and fan following.

Humans possess all or few Soft Skills inherently in various degrees which can be enhanced or polished for high performance.


Listing a few in my expertise:

  • Communication – oral, written, presentation, listening.
  • Behaviour – good mannerism, etiquette.
  • Flexible – learner, teachable.
  • Problem solver – takes initiative, enthusiastic, encouraging,confident.
  • Interpersonal – people friendly, sense of humor, emotional intelligent.
  • Professionalism – to the point, competent, self-disciplined.
  • Teamwork – supportive, collaborative.
  • Personal Grooming – dress appropriately, physiology.
  • Work ethic – diligent, trustworthy, good attendance, time management.


You dont have to be “EDUCATED”, “WORKING” or a SENIOR CITIZEN to imbibe soft skills!
These skills should be inculcated in childhood years to make the earth a haven of life for the future generations.