What are Meta Programs?

Meta-programs are mental programs that direct your decisions, behaviors, actions and interactions with others. The Meta Programs determine how to process information by choosing what to Delete, Distort or Generalize (about Meta Model read here) from your experience. Meta Programs is one of the 5 filters in the NLP Communication model which directs your behavior towards a specific world experience. The other 4 filters are; beliefs, values, decisions and memories.

The Meta Program was first developed by Cameron-Bandler in 1985. Tad James, creator of the Time Line Therapy has outlined the Meta Programs in his books “Time Line Therapy” and the “Basis of Personality”.

It is filtering software you have programmed through your life’s experiences. These are often expressed in a person’s choice of language. The Meta Programs you use to make sense of the world either work for you or they work against you depending on how you live your life based on your personal goals and objectives.


NLP Meta Programs portray pairs of behavioural traits at opposite ends of a continuum.

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