The Lost Super Foods

This one-of-a-kind book reintroduces long-lost superfoods into your pantry.

These low-cost, high-nutritional-value foods have saved so many lives throughout history that it would be a shame not to have them on hand in the next crisis.

“The Lost Superfoods” will provide complete step-by-step recipes and clear color pictures from the time of the Pharaohs to the end of our own Cold War, allowing anyone to take advantage of the most powerful survival foods ever invented.

The Home Doctor

This is a massive 300-page practical guide that anyone can use to take care of their own or a loved one’s health when help is unavailable.

This is written by two Venezuelan doctors who had to find new and inventive ways to treat their patients after running out of medicines, medical supplies, and even electricity or running water. The Home Doctor will show you exactly what medications to stockpile ahead of time, as well as the simple but critical do-it-yourself procedures you need to know to manage the most common health conditions at home when pharmacies run out of supplies and hospitals become overburdened.


The Encyclopedia of Natural Remedies

This is a 40,000-word tome containing over 300 of the best remedies discovered by the author around the world.

Every single one of these remedies is supported by clinical grade medical research. So they aren’t just ‘folk remedies’.

These natural remedies are easy to prepare and can be made from foods and herbs found in your local grocery store.

Whether it’s arthritis, thyroid disease, or back pain… Begin your journey to independent and affordable health, even if you have low energy levels.