Guidelines for Article Submission.


Are you passionate about writing? Are you keen to share your perspective and appeal larger audience? Then you are welcome to write here.


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We would like to make certain things crystal clear:


  1. Your article should be unique and inspiring read in line with the purpose of our
    website (Topics below)
  2. Your post should add value to our readers.
  3. We do not pay for guest posts.
  4. We do not accept links within your article. If you want to add links to your
    article you can do so through a sponsored post (paid).
  5. We do not guarantee acceptance of your article, if we perceive it as a
    marketing type, like an advertisement, it is not in line of our theme, tone
    and purpose.
  6. Your article will not qualify if there are grammatical/spelling errors.
  7. Articles on politics, riots, defaming/glorifying any religion/caste/creed, cruelty
    towards humans/animals, rapes, or any kind of spamming news will not be


Writing Guidelines:


  • Minimum of 500 words up to 1000 words
  • Your article will be unique and not plagiarized. We will verify this on copyscape.
  • On topics that are eligible to meet the sites purpose and value add our readers.
  • Written with SEO in mind, preferably based on a keyword/phrase.
  • Well written with quality grammar and English
  • We will remove any links within your article unless they are internal links (not for submitting a sponsored/paid post).


Topics accepted:


Self-Development, Success Principles and Facts, Advice & Motivation, Life Coaching, Motivational Quotes, Inspirational Humans & How They Inspire You. Yoga, Healing, Reiki, Sub conscious mind, Law of Attraction, Facinating Facts About; universe and anything that inspires or opens the world of goodness.

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  • Article
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