Anger Management-An Inspiring Mahabharata Story of Krishna And Paanch Paandavas

How to deal with Anger?

Anger is a normal, healthy emotion when expressed appropriately. Anger management does not attempt to prevent you from feeling angry or encourage you to suppress it.

The first and foremost approach to any emotional or mental health condition should be awareness. What would you try to solve if you weren’t aware of your condition?

Once you’re aware and begin to accept you have anger issues then start identifying your triggers. Like physical and emotional signs that occur as you begin to get angry. Recognizing and managing these warning signs early is an important step in controlling your anger.

When you become aware of and accept that you have anger issues, you can begin to identify your triggers. Recognizing and managing the physical and emotional signs that occur when you begin to become angry is a critical step in anger management. What are they?

Some examples of triggers that may lead to your anger, such as frustration with a child or partner, parent problems, mental or physical abuse, financial instability, relationship issues, problems with a colleague or your boss, traffic problems, or any chronic ailments.

When any trigger occurs, physical or emotional symptoms such as yelling at someone, lack of sleep, racing heart, headache, driving too fast, poor diet, and addiction to alcohol or drugs manifest.

Anger management generally focuses on learning specific ways of thinking in order to cope with anger. If you have any other mental health issues, such as anxiety, depression, or addiction, you may need to address these as well in order for anger management techniques to be effective.

You can learn anger management skills on your own by reading books or watching videos like the one embedded below this article. However, if you’re in a situation where you get angry at the drop of a hat, taking an anger management class or seeing a mental health professional is the most effective approach. Watch this story (in Hindi) to learn a lesson about the most difficult emotion to control: ‘anger’.



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