What is the Site About?


I am a bit Buddha dot com is a blog particularly for the articles on Neuro Linguistic Programming. What does NLP mean and how can it impact our life for our highest good. To make this site more comprehensive for mindful living, I post articles on other modalities of therapies and healing too. Not that I am master in all that I post. I research and write about the topics that touches me deep within. For example: articles on Chinese medicine-qigong, how to communicate without using ‘BUT’, facts on hormones and so on.


I also have affiliate links to some books, products and even courses which I know it will be valuable to the visitors who come to my site. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. For example: I have done a course of Lee Holden on basics of qigong, whose book I have added as a link for purchase.


You can post your articles on the site, which will be visible on the home page. (Read about the Article Submission here). You maybe a blogger, or a coach, or a trainer or you may have a course to sell, your articles are welcome on www.iamabitbuddha.com.


Finally, you can advertise on the site, provided your product is in line with the purpose of the website. For example: You have a workshop coming up or you have some organic store or you are self promoting yourself.


For further communication, please write to us at neuralpathways.nlp@gmail.com


Happy browsing at www.iamabitbuddha.com